Top three reasons why a new mum should visit a physio

Pregnancy and birth is an extreme experience for a new mum's mind and body, and the recovery process can fall by the wayside as the baby takes priority. When recovering from birth, it is important to give your muscles time to recover from the stretching of pregnancy, and work to strengthen those muscular areas to ensure long term comfort and functionality. If you are a new mum, check out these top three reasons why you should visit a physiotherapist for advice and support through your postpartum recovery process.

How to Avoid the Tooth Decay Problem Affecting 1 in 10 Babies

While most babies don't start getting their first set of teeth until they're 4 to 7 months old, it's important to start their dental care routine as early as possible. While tooth decay is a problem usually associated with adults, it's actually a possibility for babies too. Baby bottle tooth decay (which affects around 10% of babies) is caused by drinks leaving bacteria lingering in your baby's mouth for extended periods of time.